Maybe it´s something in the Paella? Spain has just been crowned the healthiest country in the world for 2019 and we´re delighted for our beautiful country.

Spain has succeeded in climbing five places in the rankings since 2017, to surpassed Italy and be crowned the healthiest country of the bunch according to the 2019 Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index.

The index ranks 169 countries and takes into consideration factors such as diet, access to healthcare, life expectancy, obesity trends and tobacco use.

Researchers have attributed Spain´s positive health trend to their Mediterranean diet, which is rich in healthy oils and they go on to predict that the average life expectancy of the country will only increase over the next few decades.

Other countries such as Japan, Sweden and Norway saw some improved results from 2017, but Spain definitely takes the crown.

Spain the healthiest country in the world
Spain the healthiest country in the world,

So, if delicious food, great culture and a healthy lifestyle isn´t reason enough to hop on a plane and visit Spain, then I don´t know what is!

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