The Costa del Sol might be famed for its long sandy beaches, but that isn´t all it has to offer. If you take the opportunity to explore a little, you will discover a selection of secluded natural freshwater pools that are some of Malaga’s best-kept secrets. These freshwater pools are dotted throughout the region and provide an alternative to a day on the beach. Submerse yourself in the picturesque countryside and soak up the charm that nature has to offer, as you make your way down river with the current. There really is nothing more relaxing than enjoying the secret natural pools of Malaga.

La Poza de Los Patos – Nerja, Malaga
Nerja is a favourite with tourists and is famed for it 8.5 mile golden sand coastline, but what many visitors don´t know, is that it is also blessed with a large natural pool. The beautiful pool is fed by the river Chiller and allows you to bathe in fresh water surrounded by nature. The pool is situated in a picturesque enclave, where you will also find a natural waterfall and exquisite views overlooking the surrounding Spanish countryside.

La Poza de Los Huevos – Mijas, Malaga
Located on the outskirts of Mijas, La Poza de los Huevos is one of the most hidden natural pools found in Malaga. Located in Mijas, it can be found between the Sierra de Mijas and the Mediterranean coast. This natural pool is formed by the Rover la Padadas and is said to have been a popular natural pool with Malaga past inhabitants through the ages due to its healing qualities. The water is high in manganese which is thought to benefit people suffering with Asthma and the healing of skin wounds. As you continue down river you will find a chain of smaller, even more secluded freshwater pools and waterfalls to be enjoyed.

El Chorro, Malaga
El Chorro is a small village located on the Guadalhorce river. This region is famed for its rock climbing and the famous El Caminito del Rey walkway, which has been renovated and reopened in recent years. However, it is also home to a chain of natural pools that are a well-kept secret with dazzling turquoise waters and a filled with a wealth of natural minerals. The terrain is quite heavy going, but the journey is well worth the effort and once you have arrived you can relax in the peace of nature.

Chillar River, Nerja
The Chillar River is a go-to location for water sports and beautiful walking paths, but there is also a hidden gem for those adventurers who care to look a little harder. Hidden next to the reservoir are two natural rock pools where you will find crystal clear waters and tumbling natural waterfalls. It truly is the perfect place to cool off after a relaxing walk through nature.

We hope our list of the secret natural pools of Malaga has inspired you to venture a little further.  This is a side of Spain that often only the locals get to enjoy.

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