Enjoy the city like a local in Malaga! When visiting a new city we´re often unsure what to do, where to go or even what to eat. Rather than sticking to the planned tourist trails, we like to experience the true essence of a place, and so we look at the locals for inspiration. This article sheds light on how the Malagueños themselves enjoy Malaga city; unlocking the secrets to great food, inspiring art and the best beaches around.

Enjoy Breakfast like a Local in Malaga
You won´t find the locals indulging in sugary, buttery treats for breakfast. A traditional Spanish spread involves the Mediterranean staples of tomato, ham and olive oil on bread with a sprinkling of salt. It goes down perfectly with a café con leche (white coffee) and is a tasty and healthy way to kick-start your day.

Experience the Art Scene like a Local in Malaga
Malaga is renowned for its many museums, and we definitely don´t want to deter you from visiting the Picasso Museum or Pompidou centre, which are major tourist attractions in the city. However, there is an inspirational art scene that many tourists don´t get to experience, and it´s just a little off the beaten track.  These lesser-known exhibitions and galleries often hold hidden gems and we highly recommend a visit to the Centre of Contemporary Art (Calle Alemania, S/N), the rotating exhibits at La Térmica (Avenida de los Guindos, 48) or the intimate Jorge Rando gallery (Calle Cruz del Molinillo, 12).

Enjoy Lunch like a Local in Malaga
If you want to eat lunch like a local, the best option is to head down to the beach for a sardine espeto. The fresh fish is cooked on stakes over an open flame on the beach and will literally melt in your mouth. This a local delicacy that can be found along the coast and is enjoyed by all, but we highly recommend the sardines on the Playa Dedo in the Elo Palo neighbourhood of Malaga.

Shop Like a Local in Malaga
For any food lover visiting Malaga, the Atarazanas Market is something you must experience. The streets inside and out are lined with locals drinking coffee and picking their fresh produce from the stalls. This market is a treat for all the senses, with colours, smells and sounds that are almost overpowering at times. We guarantee you will enjoy shopping in this vibrant, friendly and very social environment, with the locals by your side.

Visit the Beach like a Local in Malaga
After spending just a few days in Malaga you will discover that the beach is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, however, as a result it becomes quite busy in the summer months. This is when it´s a good idea to follow the locals and escape to the beaches a little further afield. We can recommend Los Alamos, Sacaba Beach and Guadalmar, which are just a few minutes’ drive away.

Eat Dinner like a Local in Malaga
For Malagueños, dinner is often tapas shared with friends in one of the many establishments dotted throughout the city. Each family you speak to has their own favourite spot, some traditional and some a bit more quirky, but we don´t think you can go far wrong with a little bar called Taberna La Merchanas (Calle Mosquera, 5). The décor is unique (to say the least), and the home-cooked food unbeatable.

Enjoy Malaga´s Nightlife like a Local
Malaga is a city that comes alive at night so don´t be surprised to see the locals heading out to start their evening at 10pm or even midnight in some cases. The city boasts many great night-time spots, from traditional clubs to jazz bars and comedy venues; you will simply be spoilt for choice. We also recommend enjoying a drink at one of Malaga’s´ many rooftop bars, the Alcazaba Premium Hostal (Calle Alcazabilla, 12) is a great place to start; boasting great views of the city and the historic landmark.

We hope this article has inspired you to visit Malaga and take some time to enjoy the city the way the locals do.

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